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4th May 2018

This is the basic description of our communities GTA 5 Life RP: Life RP is basically what it’s called, roleplaying as whatever you want to inside of GTA.

You can choose to be a civilian, join the San Andreas Highway Patrol, be a part of the Fire Department, or be a Paramedic.

As a civilian your job is to do whatever you want to do as long as they follow the community rules. Create a Life for you character that you make, make a living, and enjoy life.

In order to join the SAHP you’ll have to go through a training process, after that your job is to make sure no one is breaking the law and keep the streets safe. You uphold the US Constitution and protect the citizens that abide by it. Hunt and bring to justice any criminal that preys upon people.

Same goes for joining the Fire Department. You’ll also have to go through a training process. Your job as Firefighter is to put out fires and help whenever you are needed. As a paramedic your job is to assist anyone who is injured and do whatever is necessary to save them.

We have a fully functioning economy, external currency system, item store, as well as automated banking system. We have an automated hourly salary. We have a functional NCIC, Arrest Reports, Tickets, Impound Log, Crimes follow you for a month. We are as realistic as roleplay goes, without making it seem drone like. WE like to have interesting scenarios but keeping it realistic.

You have the chance to create, own, and run your own paying business (provided you know marketing) and make your own Roleplay Money.

We hope to see you in our community, and can't wait to see you in a Life RP.
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