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-------------Community General Policies ---------- 
Please note: These policies are adherent to the community in general. Specific Event Group Policies are in those specific channel.

1. Members must be respectful when not in character for roleplay. If a player is disrespectful in roleplay, and another player is offended, that player is obligated to inform the offended player, that they are in roleplay character.

2. Intentional disrespect outside of roleplay will not be tolerated and members who violate this rule are subject to be disciplined or potentially removed from UGRP.

3. Members who purposefully disrupt the roleplay activities are subject to a strike on their community record.
a. Members are allowed 5 strikes before removal.

4. Event Group Directors reserve the right to terminate anyone from that event group if the event group directors agree on the cause.

5. Directors and Owners have the final say regarding community policy. And Owners and Directors have the ability to enforce community policy with the agreeance of majority. Ie 2/3 vote.
a. Owners must all agree together in order to make an executive order, however that executive order must be in favor of the community members. If community members do not like the potential action, this will be greatly taken into consideration.
b. All rules are subject to change however, rules may not be changed unless an announcement has been made clearly public to the members.

a. Members may recruit people at any time and refer them to the admins for interview. Requirements below.
i. Must be 15 years or older of age.
ii. Must be fairly well educated
iii. Must be mature or going through the learning process of maturity.
1. Higher pitched voice is to have no bearing on recruiting as this is discrimination.
iv. Must be able to attend RPs regardless of Timezone
v. Must have a working Mic. And phone or tablet
vi. Must have completed an interview with one of the admins and approved.
vii. Must speak English.
viii. Mulitclanning will be allowed but material, members, and procedures will off limits for recruiting, copying, or stealing.
1. Must be prepared to participate in our community in equal amounts of time in the other communities.

-------Political Views---------
a. This is a RP community, not a debate session.
i. At no point in time will RL politics or political views comments be allowed in RP sessions or Discord chats.
ii. This policy is set forth not to limit free speech but to keep the chats and RP sessions from getting heated and potentially disruptive.
iii. If for any reason political views are brought up, a separate chat will be made and it will have no affiliation with UGRP.
1. Any member is welcome and encouraged to participate in political talk and debates outside of the community and amongst each other privately, but UGRP asks that each member remember to be respectful and professional. At the end of the day, we all live on the same planet.
b. If a member of members participate in an outside political chat, they are normal people who are not in a RP session. For instance: An admin and a normal member can have a political debate outside of RP and UGRP Discord chats if they wish. That debate will have no bearing on the conduct of RP in session.(

---------Ideas, Concepts, and Constructive Criticism-----------
a. Any member who wishes to voice an idea, or a concept or an idea, or has a problem with a certain policy or rule set in place that might hinder them in someway, or just an all around gripe.
i. They may get in a party or private chat with the two admins and another third party witness. (For reference, these parties will be called Peer Parties)
ii. No member may be denied a Peer Party, and no member may be shut out of a peer party.
iii. During these peer parties, admins will be required to take notes of what the member has to say.
iv. As long as all members are respectful to members during these peer parties, the peer parties will greatly be taken into consideration and if a change is made, that member will be credited with the creation of change.
b. The admins have an open door policy as far as opinions an such.
c. Ego and Power demanded Respect will not be tolerated and should not be expected from any member of authority.(

--------Attendance ------------
a. While attendance will not be mandatory, it is highly encouraged and rewarded.
b. Promotion or chance of grabbing a spot in the community will greatly depend on attendance and of course conduct and proffiency.
c. If attendance becomes so low to a point where only 4 or 5 people are joining, then an attendance policy may come into play.
i. Such policy may include Primary attending 10 hours of RP a month, 5 hours of Secondary RP a month, and 5 hours allowed for absenses
ii. Directors are responsible for keeping track of RP attendance
iii. Members are required to fill out a reason of absense in any case.

-----------Discord Standard Policies-----------
1. All members are to respectful to one another inside a UGRP Discord at all times.
a. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Discord for a period of time.
b. Members removed will be added back by an admin after the admin feels enough time has passed.

2. All members will refrain from "trolling, pranking, or offensively joking around" in the Discord that may result in one or members unintentionally or intentionally getting offended.
a. Failure to refrain will result in the freedom of speech in the Discord to be restricted.
b. Members who do no abide by this specific rule will be removed from the Discord until they can maintain themselves professionally.

3. While this community is a democracy for the most part, the people that run the operations, have a say in members can and can not do. If an admin tells another member to refrain from making certain comments, that member is expected to listen to the admin.
a. Failure to do so will result in a vote by all members on the fate of the specified members presence in the Discord.

4. The foul language in the Discord will not be restricted, but hateful slurs towards any kind of people will not be tolerated.

List of Absolutes that are bannable offenses
1. Racist remarks
2. Remarks directed towards a religion or people of a religion

3. Remarks made towards a person of color.
4. Remarks made towards any person of both sexes.

5. Remarks made towards people of a certain sexual preference.
6. Racist or offensive profile pictures
7. Nude or scantily clad people (photo or video)
8. Any picture, video, gif, or meme intended to illicit an emotional response from somebody for entertainment.( these need to be shared privately with those who share a similar humor, not appropriate for the main chat.)

Please refrain from posting unrelated or unnecessary pictures, messages, memes, gifs, or videos in the Community Chat. Stricter rules apply to the Information Chat.
Subject to change
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