Operation: Riptide
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25th Apr 2017

Operation: Riptide

Russian PMC/ Cuban Radicalists V.S United States Marine Corp & Navy

Cuban outlying islands aka Paracel Storm

Cuba is having a historical presidential election, with a new party that has alot of backing. Most of the high ranking Cuban doesn't want the country change to a democratic nation. So radical Cuban Gov't officials have called for Russian aid so they can help stay communist.

The Cuban gov't and Russia made an alliance treaty behind NATO and the U.S. backs and will allow the arming and training of the Cuban Militia. This also will aide with reforming Central American Nations against the US. The US is calling for NATO backing against Cuba for the Cuban support of the Brazilian Pirates who raided a US freighter and killed 9 crew members, took cargo, and flooded the ship.

There is a meeting between Russia,  Cuba, Brazil, and Central American Leaders about making a deal to help pay for weapons and equipment to better arm the Cuban Militia. This will also help make all of Central and South America one communist state. But they will help expand Russias borders by invading Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico and forfeit that land to the Russians.

The objective for the Marines is to raid multiple buildings and capture any islands as well as gather any intel regarding the developing situation and bring it back to the Aircraft Carrier.

This is a Milsm Combat Situations

Use force if necessary and take out any threats that will be present.

Marines/ Navy- 50 - 75%
Lives- 10 lives

Vehicles- 2 UH-1Y Super Huey's to transport troops to island and the vital information from the islands with buildings

                   1 large attack boats (2 will spawn in if boats are destroyed)
                   4 small attack boats to help get to the island and start missions. 

Once the Intel with buildings been captures that is your FOB and place to respawn and regroup. (Utilize recon classes spawn point ability)

Always communicate and don't let any of the helicopters get shot down. The enemy have Russian weaponry and can cause massive damage to the vehicle assets.


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