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GTA5 Life Roleplay General Rules:

1. Crimes follow you, so commit carefully. (Note: If you are a felon, or have committed a felony and been arrested for it, you no longer have normal US Rights.)

2. You must use the priority sheet, with 10 mins of cool down in between each call. You and every person particiapating are responsible for checking to make sure all paperwork is in order BEFORE committing a priority. Failure to do so, results in that person being limited to participating in only one priority. You are directly responsible for ensuring your form went through, if you must have several sources check that the form was sent through. You must follow the guidelines of the sheet to the letter.

3. Follow and Obey the Weapon/ and Vehicle Ban List. (Weapons Must be Tap Fired, No Full Auto Allowed AT ANY TIME unless you possess a Class III License.)(Unless given express permission(signed by two owners), possession of an illegal firearm or vehicle is a community violation, resulting in removal of priority privileges.

4. If your car is impounded, do not drive that car again until it is paid for. That car is to remain exactly where it is until is is paid for, which means you will not be able to call another car, or it will be permanently destroyed and removed from the registration database.

5. Follow the Community Rules and Guidelines at all times.

6. All Vehicles must be registered, or they will be deemed "Stolen" and you will go to jail. (Please note: Armor upgrades purchased in LS Customs, to make the car more durable to crashes and damage are not allowed, unless your car is specifically designed to have armor upgrades.)

7. Any unrealistic action will result in cash penalty as well as community strike. (EX: Driving a vehicle off a cliff and still driving, driving very fast on terrain your vehicle IRL wouldnt handle without damper, sustaining a critical injury but continuing with out damper.)

8. Please know what the definition of unrealistic and infrequent mean. Unrealistic= never has happened, Infrequent= Doesnt happen that much. (Please: Always have a link or reference to a call you are doing, if it seems unrealistic, odds are it is, however if you can provide a real life instance of the incident exactly as it happened, you are in the clear.

9. Not every call has to be a shooting, high speed pursuit, or an arrest. ( If there is a large frequency of these calls, the SAHP reserves the right to disregard and respond to lesser calls, or even ignore and pursue AI calls.)

10. Please try to make calls for the Fire Dept. (There is never any true activity for the FD, so please be courteous to the FD.)

11. Dirty Cops exist, so dont be offended or freaked out, if an officer roleplays a dirty cop(doesnt happen alot) , you can always file a report with a federal agent. (WE will have a court case, in any case where you feel an officer mistreated you, GIVEN that you did not act unrealistic, and you did not violate any community rules.

12. You must be driving a vehicle that matches your characters income, and be able to justify having that car given your characters income. Otherwise, officers may be lead to believe the vehicle is stolen, or otherwise unlawfully obtained, which is grounds for search.

13. The Voice Channels are intended to be proximity channels, not cross map channels, unless specified as a phone channel. Do not be talking to someone and not be near them, if you wish to talk to one another, visit them, or give them a phone call in the phone voice channel

14. Civilians are required to roll the dice in the #civilian-rp-activities at least once per RP, and are required to do at least one of those roles for the time prescribed.

Subject to amendment

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